BraceSim, the first Simulation Web Platform for O&P

The first Simulation Web Platform for O&P

Simulate and evaluate the effectiveness of your scoliosis braces

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  • Simulate the effectiveness of your scoliosis brace prior to manufacture
  • Optimise the success rate of treatment
  • Imagine and create new braces
  • Improve your patient’s comfort
  • Take your research one step further
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BraceSim is a registered trademark of Rodin SAS.

Rodin4D is a world leader in CAD/CAM for the orthopaedics industry with more than 1000 users worldwide. Our aim is to offer professional solutions directly in line with new technologies.

This is why, since 2009, we are working on the development of BraceSim to help you with your design and development of orthopaedic devices.

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Our partners

École Polytechnique de Montréal . CHU Sainte-Justine . Boston Brace . Lagarrigue Group . ANSYS

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BraceSim works thanks to tokens.

For each 3D reconstruction asked, 10 tokens will be deducted and for each simulation, 1 token will be deducted.

The price for one token is €10.

For buying, the minimum number of tokens is 380. The tokens are unlimited in the time.

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