BraceSim is the first simulation web platform for external orthopaedic devices, dedicated to CPOs. This tool is used to simulate the effectiveness of a scoliosis brace and as such, help the CPO prepare the device.

First of all, the CPO will send the scan of the patient’s trunk obtained during the digitisation step and the front / profile calibrated X-rays of the patient’s skeleton via the BraceSim web platform.

With this information, our technical department can rebuild the 3D model of the patient’s skeleton including the ribcage, spine and pelvis.
The CPO will be able to download this model via BraceSim and use it as an insert in Rodin4D Neo, to help with the rectification and design of the brace.

Once the brace is prepared, the CPO can request a simulation by connecting to the BraceSim web platform again.

At the end of the simulation, the 3D model of the brace, the pressure exerted on the patient’s trunk, the position of vertebrae in the frontal and sagittal planes as well as the various geometrical indexes are provided. The distance between the brace and the skin is also given.

This allows the CPO to assess his work before the production step.
Depending on the analysis of the results, the CPO can go back to the Rodin4D Neo rectification software and improve the brace by, for example, changing support parameters, removing material... then request another simulation.

The CPO can design and simulate as many scoliosis braces as he wants for a same patient, and as such, compare the results and choose the brace which is the most suitable for his patient.
As such, he will be able to create devices that are more effective, more reliable and more comfortable for the patient.

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